After being in the beautiful volcanic Santorini, Greece for a week in Oct in 30 degree heat, taking a trip to Finland was definitely what I needed to cool off  – besides the fact we went in their Autumn/Winter, so it rained persistently, it is a pretty country. A few of the amazing things you should do in Finland are definitely visit the Zoo near Helsinki, its on its own island ( apparently in the summer you can take a boat) the Finnish donuts are simply wonderful – Munkki – they are deep fried with cardamon spices, also seeing the Moomin museum (probably one of the most glorious experiences of rekindling my childhood yet). Also our first attempt at a time lapse, the sun rose at about 7am, but because it was so cold, neither of us fancied heading outside with a makeshift tripod pointing to the sky trying to capture the sun rising the sun to rise

Here’s a short video Matt and I put together from our trip. (Matt wrote the music for this! Pretty neat huh!?)